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Come see our new improvements at the Wenatchee Pacific Pride site! We now offer 91 octane non-ethanol super at the Wenatchee Avenue location along with E10 Regular, E10 midgrade, and on road clear diesel with with winter additive.

Our Pacific Pride sites in Dryden, Rock Island, and East Wenatchee Lincoln Rock Park all offer E10 Regular, E10 Midgrade, E10 Super, and winter treated on road clear diesel. Visit our Shell convenience stores at Dryden and Rock Island while you are there.

Pacific Pride Pride Advantage cards work at over 57,000 locations around the US. Please visit to find a location near you or to map out your next road trip. Please drive safe! Come see us at the Wenatchee office 601 E North Wenatchee Ave or find our application on this website and send it to us to open an account.

Some of our customers have received a new Pacific Pride card with another company’s Logo on them. Please ignore and destroy these new cards as they were sent out in error. We and Pacific Pride apologize for the confusion and error.

Please drive safe!

PHONES ARE WORKING AGAIN Thanksgiving Schedule



We believe all of our phone lines are working now. If you are continuing to have trouble, please keep trying and let us know!  We can be reached by  email at [email protected] or one of our back phone lines 509-662-4425 or 509-663-2171. We appreciate your patience! 

Thanksgiving is coming up! We will be closed Thanksgiving day Nov 28 and Friday Nov 28. Please enjoy your holiday, be safe,  and we will see you on Monday Dec 2nd.

“Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving.”
W. T. Purkiser

Winterized Diesel


Wenatchee Petroleum and BJ’s Food Marts are proud to let you know that all of our diesel is being treated for winter use.

We also have terrific prices on Power Service diesel additives. Give us a call and check us out for all of your diesel additive needs.