Pacific Pride

Pacific Pride fueling sites are independently owned and operated, and are intended for commercial use. Sites are located across the United States (1200+ sites) and Canada (200+ sites). More sites are being added regularly. Sites can be located using the Pacific Pride web site or most independent marketers will have maps in their offices. Using the Pacific Pride fueling system is a very convenient way of tracking the fuel each vehicles uses. The monthly billing system is also a very convenient.

Wenatchee Petroleum’s Pacific Pride sites are located at:

  • Wenatchee:  Pacific Pride; 717 North Wenatchee Ave; Wenatchee, WA (map)
  • Dryden:  BJ’s Shell; 9255 Foster Road; Dryden, WA (map)
  • East Wenatchee:  Pacific Pride; 13258 Lincoln Rock Road; East Wenatchee WA (Across the highway from the BJ’s Shell Station) (map)
  • Rock Island:  BJ’s Shell, 100 Rock Island Road, Rock Island WA (map)